So Power Gym Supporter Gym Supporter
So Power Gym Supporter Gym Supporter
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SO Power Gym Supporter

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SO Power Gym Supporter

This Is A Popular Choice For Every Sports Men As It Provides Good Support. Our Gym Supporters are made from 100% best cotton fabric. It has fine knitting that provides best fit to your body contours. The comfort it provides has no match. it is easy to wear and washable. It has very strong longevity and enhanced durability. It feels soft on skin. It has imported rubber elastic with super stitches for extra comfort and stretch. To top it all it has wide elastic and dynamic style which gives you the perfect fit during movements. Calgary Gym Supporters are the leading sellers of Gym Supporters. Size Chart - S - 28"(waist), M - 30", L - 32", XL - 34", XXL - 36"

Specifications :

  • Made from 100% Pure cotton, Pure Genuiune Elastic,Ideal for all Fitness activity, Superior Quality design for maximum durability
  • RZ Supporter is Best Multi Sports Inner Wear Supporter Used for Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Squash, Yoga, Volleyball, Basketball, Gym, Exercise & Fitness or any Outdoor Activity. Used Before and After Hernia Vasectomy
  • The Color Image and Design of the product May vary as per stock availability and new design updated by the company
  • RZ Gym Supporters are made by the same manufacturer as Ezee Strech and provide an alternative to the classic Sport jockstrap. Many guys have moved over from the the classic sports jocks simply because they prefer the smooth cotton pouch and incredible support provided by the sturdy waistbands and leg straps of both.
  • The supporters superior design and quality make this one of the most durable yet comfortable sports jocks out there. From the mostly cotton pouch with a hint of lycra (for a improved fit) plus the full 2+ inch sturdy elastic waistband,RZ has taken the sports jockstrap to a whole new comfort level
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester